Sunday, September 28, 2008

ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi at the Beach

Not language lessons in anyway, but 1 hour informal talk-story sessions in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi at Kuliʻouʻou Beach Park on Sunday mornings. Topics would be open and free flowing. Just a group of friends talking story in a circle on beach chairs under a tree or at a picnic table. This would be for novices and fluent speakers alike. The individual intent for novices being to use Hawaiian regularly and become comfortable using it so that fluency can be obtained. For fluent speakers, to have others to speak Hawaiian with and to mentor novice speakers with your knowledge. The wider intent being to hear Hawaiian spoken more often in the public places of Hawaiʻi.

The only rule being that Hawaiian is spoken as much as possible and English is kept to a minimum. More fluent speakers can help novices express words in Hawaiian as necessary. Itʻs all for fun and for using ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi as it should be used in Hawaii nei.

No shame for novices, myself being one. Just come and speak the best you can. Thatʻs how we all get better at speaking and listening. It is preferred that some Hawaiian language basic skills and usage be known. Many of us have this but lack people to speak to regularly. Another intent of this endeavor is to help fill that void.

Hawaiian language usage should expand more widely above and beyond the schools and mānaleo speaking communities of Hawaii. There should be informal groups accessible to all who want to use Hawaiian language in every ahupuaʻa and district of Hawaii. With that being said, wouldnʻt spoken Hawaiian spread throughout our communities and be common and vibrant again as it was pre-1900ʻs. What do you think? Please post a comment or email your thoughts or interest in participating.

Holomua ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi i ka lehulehu!

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