Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seaweed Huki Tally for Pōʻalima, Kepakemapa 26

Fridayʻs seaweed pull tally was 2905 lbs. Mahalo nui to all from Mālama Maunalua & The Nature Conservancy who participated.

I believe the invasive algae that has been smothering out the native Hawaiian types of limu such as the nasty mudweed (avrainvillea) that we are pulling out is not deserving of being called "limu". So I call it "seaweed" and save the word "limu" for the maikaʻi native types of limu of Hawaiʻi.

If you look at the two bottom pictures, you can see the borders of where we have removed invasive seaweed and where it is still growing (top left corner of Pic. 1 & middle of picture in Pic. 2).



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