Sunday, September 14, 2008

Aloha nō e Leighton

Bradda Leighton was reunited with the ocean yesterday off Maunalua for the first since his prolonged illness over the last 4 years after suffering from a diving accident. Family and many friends were at Maunalua Beach Park to celebrate his life.

As a well know waterman, Leighton Look was remembered for his many talents including being an expert paddler and steersman, founder and coach of Hui Lanakila Canoe Club, expert carpenter, canoe builder and paddle maker, commercial fisherman, UH Manoa civil engineering graduate, Kalani High School football team linebacker in the early 1970's and many other things.

Leighton and his younger brother and my good friend Les helped me put in a nice big driveway at my folks house in Niu several years back. They also hosted many crazy parties including the biggest New Years eve parties with more fireworks than one could imagine. Leighton always would let my kids have as much fireworks as they wanted after their supply ran out. He always had coolers full of them. He would dive and fish days in advance of the parties and have the best food available with every imaginable seafood on the table.

Leighton will be really missed by his family, the paddling community & all the gang from Niu Valley who knew him since small kid time.

Aloha nō e Leighon a hui hou kākou i ka palekaiko o ko kākou Hakulani.

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