Monday, October 13, 2008

Invasive Algae Huki for Pōʻaono - ʻOkakopa 11

Big mahalo to all Malama Maunalua volunteers who came out on Saturday to pull invasive algae at Paiko Beach. Grand total pulled was 6335 lbs (give or take a few lbs). Over 3 tons......Amazing job by everyone!!!

Nui nui mahalo also to our regular Nature Conservancy Crew of Marion, Russell, Koa, Manuel, Janice & Pauline for all their support and in arranging this event. Also, big mahalo to Eric Co for getting us started on the whole seaweed removal project several months back and for his continuing support.

It was an honor to have the Nature Conservancy board members come out and visit us. Mahalo nui to all TNC board members for their hard work weighing and loading bags of algae on to the truck during their visit.

Mahalo to Kevin Mulkern for use of his companies truck and Holy Trinity School & Church for providing parking for Saturdays event. Mahalo to all who supplied food & drink during the day.

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