Thursday, October 30, 2008

Invasive Algae Huki for Pōʻalua - ʻOkakopa 28

Aloha kākou,

Todayʻs tally was 4213 lbs of invasive algae pulled off Paiko Beach. Mahalo nui to all of the combined Mālama Maunalua and Nature Conservancy Crew for their good work.

The cleared plots are growing larger with each pull. We are only approx. 10 feet away from an area of native sea grass (Halophila hawaiiana) which is endemic to Hawaii. It will be interesting to monitor the cleared areas as we get closer to and meet the sea grass beds and see if the sea grass starts to take hold in the clearings.

Big mahalo to Glenn Nii and the Nii family for allowing us to drop pulled avrainvillea at their plant nursery in Kamilonui Valley (bottom picture). Also, big mahalo to Mark & Brooke Loughridge for allowing us to use one of their kayaks.

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