Sunday, August 3, 2008

Keahupua o Maunalua

"Keahupua o Maunalua" is the original name for Kuapā Pond in the ahupuaʻa o Maunalua.

In old Hawaii, the Keahupua o Maunalua was "kapu" for most makaʻāinana (commoners) to enter or take fish from. The penalty for violating this kapu would be death. Kuapā pond in its original state (which of course has been transformed into what is called Koko marina more recently) was a fine example of Hawaiian engineering and construction.

Approximately where Kalanianaʻole highway is located now and extending along the makai side of Maunalua is where the makai side pond wall stood. The top of the wall was very narrow (only a few feet) as compared to the amount of fill land that separates the ocean and marina today.

The wall extended from the east edge of Kuliouʻou to mauka of Kawaihoa (Portlock) and was fitted with several mākāhā (sluice gates) to regulate the fresh and salt water flow into and out of the pond. This original pond wall probably stood for hundreds of years before it was demolished around 1960 when the development of what is now called by many Hawaii Kai started.

Keahupua o Maunalua at 523 acres was the largest or one of the largest fish ponds in Hawaii.

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