Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ke Kula o Kamauwai

In the old days the ahupuaʻa o Maunalua was famous for itʻs sweet potatos (ʻuala) in addition to itʻs fish (iʻa) from Kuapa Pond.

The ʻuala growing land that stretched from Kamiloiki to Kealakipapa was called "Ke Kula o Kamauwai". Beside growing on the plains/open lands (kula) of Maunalua, ʻuala were also grown in certain valleys (awāwa) such as Kamilonui.

The Hawaiians traded ʻuala from "ke kula o Kamauwai" with early English ships and with whaling ships that anchored offshore in Maunalua Bay during the late 1700ʻs to the mid-1800ʻs.

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