Friday, January 18, 2008

Beach Clean-up & Invasive Seaweed Removal at Maunalua

Plenty of people, young and old, showed up on Saturday, January 12 to offer their kokua in cleaning up Maunalua Bay Beach Park and in removing alien algae from the reef flats in front of Kuliou'ou.

Alyssa Miller & Mahi Genson La Pierre led off the morning with a briefing, than Mahi conducted a pule after which we all went off to pick-up rubbish and clean the shoreline, park, boat ramp area and parking lot. Others went to Kuliou'ou Beach Park and walked out onto the flats to pull invasive seaweed.

I believe approximately 800 lbs plus of seaweed was pulled and brought back to Maunalua Beach Park for sorting and investigation. I watched Eric Co's bottomed-out pick-up truck pull-in, than we unloaded I would guess maybe 30 to 40 bags of seaweed which were weighed and emptied onto the sorting table.

Eric informed everyone about what to look for in the piles of seaweed, with the invasive stuff to be discarded, and any native limu and small animals found to be put back into the sea.

As I drove past the park on the way out after the mornings activities, the beach park and ocean looked especially beautiful in the sunlight thanks to all the good work put in by everybody who participated and that was the ultimate pay off on that fine morning.

Mahalo to everyone for coming out on Saturday and helping malama the ahupua'a of Maunalua.

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