Saturday, December 22, 2007

Makahiki Games at Maunalua Beach Park

Many thanks to Mahi Genson La Pierre for providing education and Hawaiian games at Maunalua Beach Park on Saturday, Dec. 15 in honor of and celebrating the Makahiki season.

A handfull of us gathered in the morning and had a good time rolling "ulu maika" stones, sliding "moa pahe'e" darts and throwing Hawaiian spears. Gladly, none of us participants was designated for sacrifice. A coconut husk secured to a coconut tree was used as a target for the spears.

Some pictures are shown to the left of the finely crafted game pieces in which Mahi had made some of himself. Also, of the games being played.

Mahalo nui loa again to Mahi for the fun morning.

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