Monday, January 15, 2007

Maniniholo Dry Cave

In the Kaiwiku'i mountain ridge in the Ha'ena ahupua'a of Kaua'i there is a large cave at the base of the ridge called Maniniholo. Maniniholo was the name of the head fisherman at a time when the menehune were leaving Kaua'i.

Maniniholo and is workers once gathered an abundance of seafood from the reefs and bay at Ha'ena for a feast. They did this to honor the menehune before their departure from the island.

Since there was such a great amount of food gathered, some of the food remained after the feast. During the night, the remaining food disappeared.

Maniniholo realized that the e'epa had taken the food after seeing them in the lava cracks in the sides of the cliff above the beach. He and his workers dug into the cliff and killed the e'epa (Wichman, Kaua'i - Ancient Place Names & Their Stories - p. 127-128).

The Maniniholo dry cave is located adjacent to the main road and is across from Ha'ena Beach Park.

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