Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Kanoenoe Plain

Central Oahu is loaded with many ancient place names that are no longer commonly called by these names. One of these names is Kanoenoe plain. This area falls within the ahupua'a of Waipio in the Ewa district.

Kanoenoe plain is the area which is now covered by the Central Oahu Regional Park. This is a newer park of good size that was completed within the last couple of years. It is located just south of Kipapa Gulch and west of the Waipio Gentry residential development. Before the park, the land was covered by pineapples and before that, possibly sugar cane.

Some of the place names of the old central Oahu area are included in a poem that was as follows:

The icy wind of
Lihu'e plied its spurs,
Pulling up the bridle of
Speeding headlong over
And running over the plain of

Na Wahi Pana O Ewa
Ka Loea Kalaiaina, July, 22, 1899 Newspaper
Sterling & Summers, Sites of Oahu p. 21


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