Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why Don't We Just Name a Whole Island after the President

In response to people wanting to name Lana'i Lookout, Ala Moana Beach Park or other areas after President Barrack Obama, should we not instead be remembering and using the Hawaiian names originally given to these places. Many Hawaiian names have been lost or are not used today due to renaming by others.

In east Honolulu alone, there is Hawaii Kai(ser) for Maunalua, Portlock for Kawaihoa, Mariners Ridge for Kaluanui and the list goes on. If people are uncomfortable with the Hawaiian names, they should become more familiar with the Hawaiian language. Halona, Kahauloa or any other true Hawaiian name for the Lana'i lookout section of coastline just needs to be found and used again.

Hawaii is unique and we should retain this uniqueness by using Hawaiian names. Especially with the sensitivity of many kama'aina regarding Hawaii as being an actual state of the union. Historical facts are indicating that Hawaii was illegally annexed by the United States and the whole process of becoming a true state is suspect. Also, the ashes of many inspirational people have been laid to rest in the ocean. If it is so desired, consider maybe naming a building or some other man made object after the president but not Hawaii’s natural features, place names, locations or other objects that already carry Hawaiian names. To much has been changed already.

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