Thursday, January 8, 2009

Seaweed Huki for Po'ahā, Ianuali 8, 2009

Today's seaweed huki tally was approx. 3500 lbs.

It was a great way to start off the new year with our first pull for 2009. Mahalo nui to all volunteers who came out to lend their kokua. Also, big mahalo to TNC crew for their usual great support. Lastly, special mahalo to the crew from the Aquatic Invasive Species Division of the State Aquatic Resources Dept. for their help and bringing equipment and boats to use for today's pull.

The day started with cleaning-up previously cleared plots where we pulled out bits & pieces of invasive algae missed previously. It has been over a month since are last pull and the plots remain nice and clear. Small areas of certain types of native limu was noted in the cleared areas also.

Many baby mullet were noted in the areas that have been cleared. The pua or baby mullet (which I believe is the false type mullet or uouoa) are common to see in this area; however, today they were especially abundant in the cleared areas and were often seen jumping probably due to larger predatory fish chasing them. By seeing this, it already seems that our work is having a positive impact in the bay.

The pull tally would have been greater today if we went straight to the invasive seaweed and didn't clean the previous plots, but I think it is good that every so often we go back and clean previously cleared areas of the small stuff which is hard to see on the first sweep through.

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