Monday, March 31, 2008

Ahupua'a o Maunalua - Kua'aina

Maunalua still does have kua'aina which is back lands or country. Beautiful country and wild life (pua'a) are still here as seen on a recent afternoon visit.

We should strive to keep as much as possible (of what little is left) of the kua'aina o Maunalua. The area is still unique and should be preserved in the proper way for future generations through the application of the traditional Hawaiian ahupua'a land management system.

Traditional Hawaiian cultural practices and farming on this land would educate the surrounding Hawaii Kai community of things Hawaiian which is desperately needed in this area especially with the large amount of malihini who have moved to this area from the mainland and other countries more recently. A greater appreciation for the land and Maunalua Bay by all might result.

Keeping balance within the community by stopping future over-development and starting to re-create more traditional ways of managing the land would be paramount in maintaining the health of this community.

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