Sunday, November 11, 2007

Seaweed Super Sucker in Action off Ahupua'a 'o Kuliou'ou

On Wednesday, Nov. 7th - Eric Co, Kanekoa Kukea-Shultz, Jeff Sayre, Ramona Sayre & Linda Onomoto took the Super-Sucker out on the reef flats off Paiko Lagoon for some action. I was able to meet them when they came in later in the afternoon at Kuliou'ou Beach Park to help sift through the approx. 5 bags of limu that was sucked up.

There was approx. 72 lbs total of limu total sucked up from a 5 square meter area. Approx. 711/2 lbs of this limu was the invasive type and 1/2 lb was native limu. The native limu and small animals that were found in the bags of limu were put back into the ocean.

Eric - please throw in any comments you might have regarding (what I think was) the first outing of the machine in this area, on how the machine worked or the ratio of invasive limu to native limu found. See pictures above of super sucker machine and limu being sifted.

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