Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ahupua'a 'o Maunalua

On Saturday, Oct. 6 - It was good fun taking a leisurely walk up the private road atop 642 foot high Koko Head originally called "Mo'okua 'o Kaneapua" and "Kuamo'okane" with other members of Malama Maunalua. The group was led by Alissa Miller and Anne Rosa.

Both Alissa and Anne gave interesting insights about the surroundings of the area as they focused on Maunalua and Hanauma Bays.

Anne pointed out interesting cultural & historical aspects of the area such as the wind of Hanauma which is called 'Ihi'ihilauakea. Also, a crater of the same name is located in Koko Head to the west of Hanauma where a very rare native fern grows. She mentioned how Hanauma was used as a launching point for Hawaiian sailing canoes heading out to sea. The bay providing a safe, sheltered habitat and an abundance of seafood while waiting for ideal conditions to launch.

Alissa informed us about Maunalua Bay and what some of Malama Maunalua's current & upcoming projects are for Maunalua Bay. Also, the importance of continued monitoring of Maunalua Bay by Makai Watch members. The view of both bays was quite impressive from our vantage points.

Mahi La Pierre had told us the mo'olelo of Kuamo'okane at a previous Malama Maunalua Makai Watch meeting. In brief, Kuamo'okane is the back of Kaneapua (Kuamo'okane). A version of the story can be told on a future posting.

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